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Pico, The Mini Donkey Goes to His Paddock

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Pico and Jean, his owner

Yesterday, I spent all day at my friend Chris’ farm,  video taping her working her horse Frank for the Extreme Cowboy Race application video. We got some really good clips of Frank and Chris doing what they do best, riding as partners. BUT….the best and cutest part of the day was at the end of the day when Chris did the horse chores and had to move Pico, the Mini Donkey from his pasture into his paddock for dinner.   Pico, is a yearling mini donkey who was just gelded a few months ago.

Huginn LOVES Pico!


Dixie Chick….not so much! HAHA!


Here’s the video clip I took of Pico.  Enjoy the video, turn up the volume and oh…carefully listen to Pico, who grunts when he’s not happy. LOL

Pico and Huginn, buddies!


Have you giggled today?

Super Duper Weekend

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Just boppin’ in to say that I had a super duper weekend. I rode with my Orchard Ranger Saddle Club friends at Hay Creek State Forest.  Hadn’t seen them for a few months, it’s was good to get caught up.  I pulled into camp early Friday morning; the day was sunny and warm.  Set up camp, had some lunch..then got my butt into the saddle and hit the trails.

As always, the trails were beautiful…many of them covered in crunchy leaves.

It got a bit humid towards the end of the ride…glad I clipped Huginn last Sunday.  After the ride, he got a bath in Hay Creek.

Before our ride…my hubby Dan showed up. I had forgotten my RV’s shower curtain (was in the wash/dryer) at home and he dropped it off.  What a nice guy!   He knows I like to shower before tucking in for the nite.

Too bad…Dan didn’t spend the nite! HA!

Saturday…Susie made a yummy breakfast for all of us. Then we hit the trail, the day was cooler. I was glad, since Huginn is getting so darn fuzzy. My pals all ride non gaited horses, so Huginn had a easy weekend of leisure riding.  Huginn is so darn cute…when he rides with QH…he’s so slow, he’s always one of the last ones.

On the way back to camp, we ran into a group of PNH riders with their carrot sticks.  Huginn and I rode with them for about 30 minutes.  It was nice chitchatting PNH with these ladies.  Too bad we were not in the same campground, it would have been fun to take my ponies and carrot stick over to their sites for some “playing”.

After the ride…Huginn got another creek bath. Hehehe…my friend Sally had a watermelon chilling in the creek, Huginn spied that and wanted to eat it.

Later in the day, we cut the melon open.  What a surprise…it was bright yellow and very sweet.  After all the humans had a slice, Sally gave Huginn the rest of it. Oh boy…he LOVES watermelon.  Thank you Sally!

Saturday nite we drove into town to celebrate Sheri’s birthday at Mexican Fiesta. YUMMY FOOD!  The best part was that Dan joined us for dinner and then came back to camp for the bonfire.

Nope…he didn’t spend the nite. DARN!  Dan does not like to camp.. even in the RV. HA!

Sunday morning, I rode alone and ponied my mini mare Dixie. She loves to trail ride.  But sometimes other horses on the trail…do not appreciate seeing her.

What is it about a pony and a mini on the trail…spooking big horses?

Look at these faces….are they scary???  HAHA!

BTW….I thought I knew these trails like the back of my hand. Well, I got to ride some of the deer trails, they were so much fun and just a tad challenging in spots.  YAHOO!   My favorite kind of trail.

I’m bumming…cuz I forgot my camera and Flip video at home.  Darn!  So, you get to see an old Hay Creek photo.

This is beloved Wizard.  He was my heart and soul.  I miss him very much.

Go Boy’s Ebony Wizard 1988-2005 Tennessee Walking Horse

Go hug your horse!