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Come Ride with Us – NATRC

Posted in Horse Trips with tags , , , , , , on November 3, 2008 by Raven

Looking for something FUN to try with your horse? Check out Competitive Trail Riding with the North American Trail Ride Conference (NATRC).

A few summers ago, Huginn and I attended a CTR clinic and we loved the fast pace trail ride. Maybe next year, we’ll have to try a CTR.

Visit the NATRC site for more info and to see a CTR video. Enjoy!

Doesn’t that sound like FUN!?

What new things can you try with your horse?

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park

Posted in Horse Trips with tags , , , , , , , , on October 21, 2008 by Raven

Mille Lacs Kathio State Park is located in north western Minnesota. About a three hour drive from my place, I got up to the park about noon on Thursday.

Mille Lacs Kathio is 10,500 acres of natural beauty! The Rum River dips in and out of this park, magnificent Lake Mille Lacs is across the road. You will find four other lakes within the park; Ogechie, Shakopee, Tamarak and Black Brass. This park has 22 miles of beautiful horse trails.

The trails are dirt and grass with rocks here and there. Great for a barefootin’ horse!

Friday night my hubby came up for a few days, what a nice treat! Dan really does not like to camp, so I appreciate it when he joins me for a day or two. Saturday morning Dan biked around the state park. Later that day, Steve joined Dan for a drive around Lake Mille Lacs, I think it’s almost 90 miles all the way around the lake. Lake Mille Lacs is HUGE…207 square miles… 132,500 acres!

I rode Huginn for about an hour on Thursday (with a lady I met up there), but then had to return to camp, as he was off. Poor ponykins. <;o[ It was a very slight “off”. He loves to paws and being a slightly off did not prevent him from pawing a huge hole to China. HA!

Dixie as always, was a sweet girl and a good camper. On Thursday, I ponied her with Huginn. Dixie loves to trail ride!

On Friday, I rode my friend Dawn’s beautiful TWH gelding, Tucker. Tucker is my old walking horse, who I sold a few years ago. I had a wonderful ride on Tucker, he is such a awesome horse. I forgot how tall he is compared to short Huginn. Tucker is 16.2 and Huginn is 13.2. HAHA! Here’s an old photo of Tucker.

Saturday morning Tara (massage therapist) worked on Huginn’s shoulder and wow…he was sound again!! TARA…..THANKS A BUNCH!!!!! You’re the sweetest. >;p]

I rode Huginn that day. Boy…I could tell he was feeling better, he gave me some “bucks & farts” up a few rolling hills. HA! I was so happy to have Huginn under saddle again. I’m not sure what caused him to be a bit stiff the day before. I’ll have to keep an eye on that. Tara was so sweet to take time out of her day to work on Huginn. it was also cool chatting “barefootin” with Tara and her girl pals.

On Saturday, we hiked to the park’s fire tower. I wanted to climb this tower for two reasons;test my legs/lungs and to help conquer one of my fears. A fear of falling. The steel fire tower is 100 feet tall, about 133 or so wooden steps to climb. It’s not for the fainthearted. I have a great fear of falling, but I was determined to climb to the top.

Thanks for the moral support from my hubby Dan, and my good friend Pat, I climbed the tower to the top!

Boy, I had butterflies….queasy tummy all the way up & down. And to make the climb harder, it was very WINDY!! And even worse at the top of tower. And cold! It was so worth the climb, the panoramic view (from what I remember) was spectacular. You can see all the way to the other side of Lake Mille Lacs, 22 miles away. The trees were a beautiful patchwork of golds, bright sunny yellows, honey amber, velvet browns, and orange. I was so glad that I have been running/working out …my legs did not fail me as I climbed. This made me very happy! Last year I would have been just dead from the exertion. All the way up…folks have left graffiti messages on the steps …I read a few, but I just didn’t have the nerve to look down to read more of them. It’s a must do on the next trip there.

Saturday nite our group headed to the local casino for the yummy buffet. On the way out…while waiting for those who needed to use the potty, I dropped a $1.00 into the slot machine and won 22 cents! HA! What a gambler I am..huh? NOT. After dinner, we returned to camp for the campfire.

It was a great weekend spent with wonderful freinds. For more photos, please visit my Picasa photo web site.

What are your favorite things about Fall?

Go play in the leaves!

Super Duper Weekend

Posted in Horse Trips with tags , , , , , , , , on September 29, 2008 by Raven

Just boppin’ in to say that I had a super duper weekend. I rode with my Orchard Ranger Saddle Club friends at Hay Creek State Forest.  Hadn’t seen them for a few months, it’s was good to get caught up.  I pulled into camp early Friday morning; the day was sunny and warm.  Set up camp, had some lunch..then got my butt into the saddle and hit the trails.

As always, the trails were beautiful…many of them covered in crunchy leaves.

It got a bit humid towards the end of the ride…glad I clipped Huginn last Sunday.  After the ride, he got a bath in Hay Creek.

Before our ride…my hubby Dan showed up. I had forgotten my RV’s shower curtain (was in the wash/dryer) at home and he dropped it off.  What a nice guy!   He knows I like to shower before tucking in for the nite.

Too bad…Dan didn’t spend the nite! HA!

Saturday…Susie made a yummy breakfast for all of us. Then we hit the trail, the day was cooler. I was glad, since Huginn is getting so darn fuzzy. My pals all ride non gaited horses, so Huginn had a easy weekend of leisure riding.  Huginn is so darn cute…when he rides with QH…he’s so slow, he’s always one of the last ones.

On the way back to camp, we ran into a group of PNH riders with their carrot sticks.  Huginn and I rode with them for about 30 minutes.  It was nice chitchatting PNH with these ladies.  Too bad we were not in the same campground, it would have been fun to take my ponies and carrot stick over to their sites for some “playing”.

After the ride…Huginn got another creek bath. Hehehe…my friend Sally had a watermelon chilling in the creek, Huginn spied that and wanted to eat it.

Later in the day, we cut the melon open.  What a surprise…it was bright yellow and very sweet.  After all the humans had a slice, Sally gave Huginn the rest of it. Oh boy…he LOVES watermelon.  Thank you Sally!

Saturday nite we drove into town to celebrate Sheri’s birthday at Mexican Fiesta. YUMMY FOOD!  The best part was that Dan joined us for dinner and then came back to camp for the bonfire.

Nope…he didn’t spend the nite. DARN!  Dan does not like to camp.. even in the RV. HA!

Sunday morning, I rode alone and ponied my mini mare Dixie. She loves to trail ride.  But sometimes other horses on the trail…do not appreciate seeing her.

What is it about a pony and a mini on the trail…spooking big horses?

Look at these faces….are they scary???  HAHA!

BTW….I thought I knew these trails like the back of my hand. Well, I got to ride some of the deer trails, they were so much fun and just a tad challenging in spots.  YAHOO!   My favorite kind of trail.

I’m bumming…cuz I forgot my camera and Flip video at home.  Darn!  So, you get to see an old Hay Creek photo.

This is beloved Wizard.  He was my heart and soul.  I miss him very much.

Go Boy’s Ebony Wizard 1988-2005 Tennessee Walking Horse

Go hug your horse!

Where to Go? Where to Go?!

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Ya know…sometimes there are way too many options!

Take this weekend, I plan on horse camping and trail riding. But I have way too many options, as I have friends going in every direction to horse camp/trail ride.

  1. Wildcat State Park – WI
  2. Tamerack State Forest – MN
  3. Zumbro Bottoms – MN
  4. Triple HHH Trail Ride
  5. Forestville State Park – MN
  6. Govenor Knowles State Forset – WI

I want to go to each of these rides…but I can only choose one.

I decided to go to Tamerack. I have been wanting to ride these trails for many…many years. There have been a few different reasons, that I have never made it up there. Too buggy most of the season, way too many bees (I’m allergic) and trails too challenging to go without someone who DOES KNOW the trails.  Who likes getting LOST?

Last year I was all set to make the 3+ hour drive up to Tamerack with my saddle club. At the last mintue the ride was cancel due to high temps, too buggy and way too many bees. Darn. HA!

So, you can see that this year I was once again…soooo looking forward to going up to Tamerack with my friends.

But…today, I got an email that our ride location has been changed to Hay Creek State Forest. As it’s too buggy and there are way too many bees at Tamerack. HAHA! I’ll get up there…one year.

It’s not a big deal…I do so LOVE riding at Hay Creek Forest Management Area, the trails are beautiful. And spending time with my great friends is what really matters!

Have an awesome weekend!