“I say, are you stuck?”

Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree

Owl “I say, are you stuck?”

Winnie the Pooh “No, just resting and thinking and humming to myself.”
Oh dear!Do you suppose this horse wanted something sweet from the honey tree?

Oh, oh, help and brother….I’m stuck!

Poor Gracie, she found herself in a pickle.

Christopher Robin “Pooh Bear, there’s only one thing we can do, wait for you to get thin again.”

Winnie the Pooh “Oh bother. How long will that take?”

Eeyore “Days, weeks, months, who knows?”

Winnie the Pooh” books were written by A.A. Milne. They were my daughter Jenni’s favorite children’s book series.   We all loved Edward Bear, known as Pooh to his friends!

As a child, did you love Pooh?  Did you day dream about life in the Hundred Acre Wood?

As Pooh would say “Time for something sweet”.


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