Photo of the Day 09/25/2008

Autumn…..a time when Mother Earth takes her paint brush and gets busy!

About a week ago, while fixin’ breakfast, I looked out my kitchen window and saw the first autumn leaves.

They are beautiful.

Autumn is my favorite season!

What I love autumn:

The beautiful colors…a kaleidoscopic of red, orange, bronze, brown, yellow and all the shades of green.

The scents.

The chilly mornings and sunny afternoons.

Pumpkins out on the porch.

Pulling sweaters and hoodies on. Wearing jams to bed.

Ponies getting fuzzy.

Hay rides, hot cider, bon fires and roasted marshmallows.

Birds loading up on bright berries to fatten up for winter and the trip down south.

Squirrels acorn hunting.

Harvest Moon.

Crickets chirping at night.

Finding the season’s first fuzzy caterpillar.

Apples….sweet yummy crispy apples!


Cooking soup.

Geese flying south.

Indian Summer!

My most favorite thing about autumn is riding Huginn through the crispy …crunchy leaves!

Why do leaves change color?

What is your favorite part of autumn?

Go rake some leaves!


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