Photo of the Day 09/24/2008

I’m driving home from the Vet’s today. Had to take my barn cat Serafina in to get spayed. Poor baby…she’s aching.

Anywho…I saw this sign on the side of the road. Course I had to stop and shoot it.

So…what’cha think?

Don’t know about ya, but if the handicapped toilet is the only open stall, I use it.

But, I’ll have you know that I do not use an open handicapped parking spot.

I have only parked in a handicapped spot once in my life. It was with my friend Dick, he was driving his Olds with the MN handicapped thingy hanging off the rear view mirror and disco playing on the cassette player.

I was 24 years old. A bunch of us were heading to Uncle Sam’s (also known as the Depot) in Minneapolis. When we got to the club, Tony parked in handicapped parking spot. Us girls…all giggled and thought it was pretty cool that we could park there, Tony laughed …and thought it was pretty cool that he had a car full of hot young chicks in his Olds. HA!

Funny, how some images will trigger our memories.

Dick was a sweet young man who was born with cerebral palsy, he died when he was 39.

Gosh…..think I’ll grab my iTouch and listen to “Celebration” in honor of Dick.

Go hug a friend!

P.S. Waiting for the remake of “Saturday Night Fever”! Oh…where do you go when the record is over?

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